Athens athletic hall of fame

Nomination Request

Guidelines and Selection Procedures


The mission of the Champions Foundation is to expose people to positive environments that promote spiritual values, patriotism, physical fitness, desirable habits and skills, and the desire to excel in all endeavors.

The purpose of the Guidelines and Selection Procedures are to outline the selection and the procedures to be used in identifying athletes to be inducted into the Athens Athletic Hall of Fame. All inductees must have begun or finished his/her athletic accomplishments in Athens Clarke County. All selected inductees may have participated in sports on a high school, college, or professional levels to qualify.

Selection Committee

The selection committee shall be composed of former inductees that currently serve on the Champions Foundation Board of Directors.

The Nomination Process

A nomination serves as the initial step in the induction process but does not serve as a guarantee for induction. The selection of a hall of famer has several steps. All nominations must be submitted on an official Athens Hall of Fame application. Nominations received before December 2, will be evaluated for possible inclusion in the upcoming year induction class. Nominees may qualify for induction in one of the following categories: Athlete, Coach, and Contributor. The Compliance Officer receives all applications for processing. All nominations shall be processed according to the guidelines of the Athens Hall of Fame. Each nominee must have graduated from high school at least 10 years prior to nomination to be considered. Recommendations from the Compliance Officer may consider a cross selection of athletes from various schools and years.

Selection Committee Meeting

The Selection Committee meets annually to determine the number of eligible inductees. A minimum of (5) inductees may be selected. The announcements of nominee for induction shall be made no later than February 15th preceding the induction ceremony. All inductees must confirm attendance at the Sunday Luncheon Fellowship and inductee Ceremony. Nominees selected will be notified their application will move forward for future Athens Hall of Fame consideration.

Inductee Ceremony

The induction ceremony shall be held in May unless the board of directors approved an alternated month and date. A letter of confirmation will be mailed to each inductee providing information on the Sunday Luncheon and Inductee Ceremony. At the ceremony, each inductee will be announced and presented a Hall of Fame Plaque and Blazer. A plaque will be presented to a deceased inductee.