1. Eligibility
 – One who began or finished his/her athletic accomplishments in Athens/Clarke County.
2. Categories – A. Outstanding Athlete B. Outstanding Coach C. Contributor (One whose work contributed in a notable way to the success of athletics in Athens/Clarke County)
3. Sports – All team and individual sports (Interscholastic, intercollegiate, professional, Olympic Games, AAU, etc.)
4. Requirements for Elections – A. Anathlete must have achieved extraordinary honors (All-America, All-Sectional, All-State, All City/County, National, Sectional or State Champion or Record Holder in individual sports. B. A coach must have compiled an extraordinary record in producing championship teams or individual champions. C. A contributor must have greatly helped athletics in Athens/Clarke County over a period of time.
5. Nominee can be from any area: 1880’s through World War ll (1946 -1960’s) – 1970’s through present.
6. Character – will be considered in the selection.

Anyone can nominate a person as long as the nomination is submitted on an official nomination form and is accompanied by a complete biography, one photograph and a brief essay stating why the nominee should be inducted into the Athens Athletic Hall of Fame.

No nomination will be considered unless the certification officer prior to the deadline receives all required material.
One copy: nomination form, bio, photograph (no one will be considered unless all forms are complete).



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