The Fosky Henderson Community Service Award

     The Fosky Henderson Community Service Award will be presented to two individuals that have made a special contribution to the community and youth sports activities in the Athens, Georgia area.

     The Community Service Awards are given in honor of the Late Frances “Fosky” Henderson born August 8, 1927 and lived until February 2, 2010. Coach Billy Henderson and Fosky were married for sixty-three years. They were the proud parents of three daughters and two sons.

     Frances Minnette West “Fosky” Henderson a native of Atlanta and the daughter of the late Fred Garden West and Madelyn Himbaugh West. She was a homemaker and a member of the Beech Haven Baptist Church. “Fosky” will be remembered as…A child of mercy and grace who blessed your name unapologetically. She spent her life caring for others. She never put herself before others. Well done, good and faithful servant.

Carl & Barbara Parks – 2018
Derrick Floyd – 2018
Linda Elder Davis – 2017
Kathy Prescott – 2017
Grady Thrasher – 2017
Elizabeth Platt – 2016
Dr. Philip D. Lanoue – 2016
Dr. Walter Allen, Sr. – 2015
Robert E. Argo, Jr. – 2015
Christina Callaway – 2014
Ed benson – 2014
Bennie Robinson – 2013
Jordan Chinouth – 2013
Jack Murray – 2012
Venus Jarrell – 2012
Dr. Robert E. Harrison – 2011
Jerry Varnado – 2011
Leon Farmer – 2010
Diane Dunston – 2010
Stacey Venker – 2009
Valdon R. Daniel – 2009
Coach Harvey Humphries – 2008
Coach Mary Harris – 2008